The New SAT Test – Important Tips Before You Jump-Start

By Sophia Gina

For many students, the SAT exam is the most important test of their high school careers. The new SAT is a three-hour test that determines you potential for future academic success. While some colleges consider high school academic performance and extracurricular activities as important as your score in standardized tests, most other colleges consider the SAT/ACT scores as one of the key factors in the admissions process. In order to apply for admission, you need to either take SAT or ACT test depending upon the college you are applying to and its geographical location. The fact that you need a good SAT or ACT score to get admission in a reputed college is irrefutably true.

Before you start with your SAT preparation, there are a few important things you must know. You should also understand and avoid the most common mistakes with respect to SAT test which are frequently made by uninformed students/parents. In the following paragraphs we outline important strategies needed for effective SAT preparation. Without a clear direction, the SAT preparation may turn out to be sloppy and haphazard resulting in disappointing results. Therefore the more careful you are in the early stages of your preparation; the better you would be with the end results.


An informed approach to SAT preparation begins with checking the College Board’s website ( for testing dates, locations and registration procedures. Spend a good amount of time checking the format and content of the test. Read the tips and strategies recommended by the people who design and administer the test


After acquiring preliminary information about SAT, you should proceed to assemble the right quality of study material for the SAT exam. While there is a lot of support available to prepare for the SAT test, your selection will largely depend on access to those resources and your comfort level with different modes of preparation.

You should select textbooks after consulting individuals who have already taken the SAT test in recent past. Those familiar with new trends can guide you through and help make a good choice of study materials among those available for SAT preparation.

You may also opt for support in the form of SAT classroom review courses or contact a private tutor. However, classroom courses and professional help from tutors may prove to be very costly.

The good news is that you can now think of enrolling in new online audio-visual courses for test preparation. New online courses have produced encouraging results. These methods of online preparation are not only equivalent to classroom courses and private tutors, but also come at a fraction of their costs. Online SAT preparation courses are rapidly gaining popularity among students across the globe because of their versatility and effectiveness.


A diagnostic test should be the starting point of your preparation, as it will give you a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses. After gaining a good familiarity with the SAT structure, and identification of strengths/weaknesses, set your goals and design a study plan that best fits your situation. Please note that these first two steps should be completed as quickly as possible in order to allow the maximum time for the actual SAT preparation.


Competitive environments nurture talents. Many students make the mistake of not teaming up with colleagues. These students may start up very enthusiastically only to loose their momentum after a few weeks into preparation. Having a good study group provides the much needed instrumental and moral support. A healthy and supportive competitive environment aids good preparation by helping you decide what resources to use and learn from others accomplishments and mistakes. However, one must realise that a good ‘gang’ may only help one so far, the actual work has to be done by the student himself.


Your study should replicate as much as possible the conditions of the actual SAT test. Take numerous practice tests, and try doing as many sections at once as you would on the day of actual test. The more your SAT preparation resembles the actual test, the more comfortable you will be when you take the real test. The cliché in sports/arts that “the way you practice is the way you perform” is more than true for SAT preparation.

Set demanding but reasonable goals for yourself and give yourself that extra push which makes the distinction between a good SAT score and a great SAT score. Jumps start your academic career with a bang!

Best of luck !

Sophia started her career in a publishing company. Subsequently she started a home-based business. During those years, she developed interests in standardized test preparation and worked for leading test review companies for 5 years before joining as the Program director. provides a unique interactive href=”” mce_href=””>SAT preparation course on math which is one of the best on the net.

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