Can You Improve Your ACT Test Score?

By Edgar Dapremont

The standardized testing for college entrance has been around for decades and it is not going to change. Colleges are convinced that these test give them a measure of how students will perform at their institutions. If you want to get into a good university you need to achieve the highest score possible. It is possible that almost everyone can improve their test scores.

The weight that is placed on the ACT and SAT scores may vary from college to college. However, by taking one of these is a requirement if you want to attend college. There is the additional benefit of scholarships which depend on what score you achieve on the test.

Research has proven that students will do better if they prepare for the test. There are numerous courses offered to help students to improve their scores and some are expensive. There are free online sites that give tips to students on test taking and offer practice questions and tests.

Students have to make up their minds to work because nothing will occur by osmosis. In many cases they have never been taught to take tests or to think clearly under testing conditions. Parents should encourage their young students as much as possible because the rewards for preparation and hard work can turn into real monetary benefits as well as an outstanding education.

It certainly helps to follow the advice of experienced educators who have spent a lifetime preparing young students to perform well on these tests.

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If you are committed to improving your ACT score, you will find this course and CD very helpful. If you live in Mississippi or near New Orleans you can arrange to attend one of these courses. I am an associate of Dr. Acosta and I have known him for almost 30 years. There is not a better teacher anywhere. The CD that he produced will help those students who don’t live in these areas and you can purchase that to help you. The educator is developing an online course which will be available in six months which will be outstanding.

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